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Cycling Cleric

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What is the Cycling Cleric

The Cycling Cleric is an annual initiative, hosted by the Cordova Center, designed to bring and raise awareness for issues that exist in our communities. The Cycling Cleric, Imam Jebara, does this by cycling long distances, making many stops along the way to speak to people of all walks of life.

The first annual Cycling Cleric was done in conjunction with the Heart & Stroke Foundation to raise awareness about heart health, and a balanced lifestyle. Imam Jebara cycled from Ottawa to Quebec City, speaking to many anglo/franco-phones along the way.

The purpose of the second annual Cycling Cleric was to promote organ donation. The Cycling Cleric cycled from Ottawa to Toronto, a trip of 535 km! In the final leg of the race he was met with our major supporter Trillium Gift of Life Network.

This year’s Cycling Cleric is still in it’s planning phase, stay tuned to for more information!

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The Cycling Cleric follows the EURFL method, which is a philosophy he developed for a practical approach to positive change:


Education allows us to become open-minded, and is the foundation of tolerance. Education ultimately leads to understanding, which is the basis for respect. Respect becomes the foundation of friendship. Friendship is a preqrequisite to love; the final goal!

The Cycling Cleric follows this philosophy, with the aim of fostering friendship & love among the people of Canada.